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    Assisting executive management bridge the gap between the business and the IT department.

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    Developing next generation smartphone applications that bring the power of the cloud to your phone.

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    Helping you unlock the potential of your data.


Let us guide you

We provide service relating to: UX development; technical architecture; system design; implementation and support. We specialize in the following technologies listed below.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft's latest Operating System and supports a new style of user interface known as 'Modern UI'. These are full screen applications that can run on touch screen devices. They can be built using .NET languages as well as C++ and HTML/JavaScript. Windows 8 was released on the 24th October and runs on their Surface tablet.


It is designed so that developers and designers can work in close collaboration to build rich user experiences. It is vector based and hardware accelerated, with full integration with the desktop. If you only need to deploy the application internally on the desktop then this is your best choice. If you need desktop and web versions of your application it is possible to build Silverlight and WPF from the same codebase.


Silverlight is Microsoft's platform for building Rich Internet Applications. It is a cut down version of WPF, but for most line of business applications the features you need are present. It can be deployed either in a web browser as part of an HTML page, or out of browser where it appears in the start menu like a desktop application. The main benefit that Silverlight has over other RIA technologies is that the development language is C#. This gives you access to a large pool of developers and mature tooling. If you are looking for a rich web based platform and don't have a need to target mobile devices, or you want to take advantage of web based deployment this may be the fastest and cheapest way to get to market.

HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS3

HTML5 is the latest standard being developed for building web applications. Web browsers are everywhere nowadays, including mobile devices. You can build your application once and allow it to run on almost any device. Because different browsers are at different stages of implementing the standard and each browser must provide its own developer tools, complexities arise around ensuring compatibility with every device. If reaching the maximum number of different devices is important, this may be a good choice for you.