• IT Management Consulting

    Assisting executive management bridge the gap between the business and the IT department.

  • Smartphone Development

    Developing next generation smartphone applications that bring the power of the cloud to your phone.

  • Bespoke Software Development

    Helping you unlock the potential of your data.


What we do

Dark Cloud Solutions has an in-depth understanding of the IT business environment. We are able to provide a full service right across the Microsoft technology stack, from UX design, technical architecture, system design, implementation and support.

IT Management Consulting

Unlock your business's potential by letting us show you the best way to implement your requirements in a continuously changing technology environment. With years of experience relating to providing business analysis and implementing solutions for the public and private sector, we can help you write clear and concise technical specifications for your developers. We are also able to identify death march projects and help you turn them around quickly.

Smartphone development

There have been three world-changing, disruptive technologies in the last 30 years: the personal computer, the Internet and now the smartphone revolution sparked by the introduction of the iPhone. Smart phones and other mobile technologies are changing the consumer market. Fortunately, the change allows you to get more information about your customers as the population becomes increasingly armed with the power of smart phones. Knowing how and when to adapt to these market changes is critical to continued business success.

Bespoke software development

We leverage Agile methodology practices extensively throughout the full system development lifecycle. We are able to build lightweight solutions that solve the business requirement and maximize the return on investment. Our documentation focuses on screen shots and user stories that facilitate feedback from the business during the design phase. This includes regular feature demonstrations and the use of Test First Development techniques to ensure a well documented and tested system. This also allows us to ensure the client remains fully involved with the evolution of the system.