• IT Management Consulting

    Assisting executive management bridge the gap between the business and the IT department.

  • Smartphone Development

    Developing next generation smartphone applications that bring the power of the cloud to your phone.

  • Bespoke Software Development

    Helping you unlock the potential of your data.


Specialized, lightweight
and experienced

We believe that every level of management needs to be technically savvy to be effective.

We believe that communication with the client is key.

This is why we employ Agile Methodologies to ensure our clients receive regular prototype demonstrations, and we allow our client to evolve the project during the development phase through constant feedback.

  • We enforce simple technical solutions that are more likely to be adapted by the users
  • We push the boundaries of innovation
  • We invest in our employees

Electronic Mail

Email is almost always the best way to contact us.

Please send all email correspondence to jean@darkcloudsolutions.com

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