• IT Management Consulting

    Assisting executive management bridge the gap between the business and the IT department.

  • Smartphone Development

    Developing next generation smartphone applications that bring the power of the cloud to your phone.

  • Bespoke software development

    Helping you unlock the potential of your data.


We innovate.
We streamline.
We deliver.

Dark Cloud Solutions provides innovative lightweight solutions to businesses with a strong emphasis on security and cloud based infrastructure. Whether your business leverages smartphone technology, thin web client browser technology or rich desktop business infrastructure we have the ability to deliver effective solutions to your company on time and within budget.

We focus on keeping your solution simple and extensible through the use of Agile software development techniques.


Why choose us?

We enjoy building and implementing solutions without technical debt. Our experience in the IT industry gives us the ability to identify the correct technologies to satisfy your business requirements.

  • Our experience in the management and development comes from front line experience.
  • Our executive team are technically savvy and understand the importance of managing project complexity.
  • We push the boundaries of innovation.
  • We focus on a small select number of internal and external projects.